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From a Restaurant in... is a Food Service Industry oriented website. Our primary focus is to our members, and our goal is to provide to the visiting public a centralized source for dining in Canada, coast-to-coast. We connect members with customers, like many other membership based sites, but we do it just a little differently. differs from the majority of other similar services in it's approach. It was designed and developed based on human nature, not the norm. We felt that most people searching for their next dining experience were not so much interested in searching for a restaurant, but more likely a menu item of interest. Our primary objective was to create a system wherein visiting public could quickly find a food item, or a menu item of interest, and of course in turn determine whom offers it. We also felt it within the best interest of all parties involved to allow for as diverse and detailed a menu system as possible. Lots of us are concerned about things like Caloric weight. Many of us suffer from food allergies that would have us shy away from many offerings. We felt that photos would be beneficial to. The majority of high class restaurants feel presentation is critical, why should it be any different on a website making mention of their offerings? Detail, ease of use, and the ability to search and obtain quickly these details. These were all important to our end users we felt.

We knew it likely that most other people out there using any resource to find their next meal were probably thinking just like we do when we are hungry. See, I know what restaurants I like, I am familiar with them and their menu items. Sometimes though, I feel like something new. The question is, who offers what I am looking for around here?

Visualize the following scenario. After coming home from a long day of work, with no desire to cook anything, I'd often resort to the yellow pages of the local phone directory. One day I realized though, I didn't want pizza, or chicken, or chinese. Nor did I want any delivered fast food for that matter. It had to be delivery, I wasn't going anywhere but straight to my couch. But, I want something different, something as close to a home cooked meal as possible maybe? A delivered steak and potatoes perhaps? That would be awesome! But who offers this for delivery? The phone book told me nothing, and it was quite time consuming determining this to be the case.

It was from this scenario that the idea for was conceived.

Since the original idea of a searchable menu based site, along came a plethora of ideas, seemingly they would never end. We wanted to add as much value for our members as possible, and at the same time offer up additional services for the visiting public. The ability to post employment positions, upcoming events, coupons and chef profiles. These were offerings we felt would bring more value to the services we offer. As these ideas came about, it became apparent that was not to be ONLY a Retaurant menu driven site, but a centralized source for Restaurants and Dining establishments across Canada. An entire suite of services offered to our members would be the foundation of what would become.

We feel we have accomplished this task. However, we also realize that there is always more we can do. And this is now our objective, to continue providing for our members and visiting public more options, opportunities and services. is well on it's way to becoming Canada's newest and most informative dining guide on the world wide web. We do hope you find this to be true.

Jason Siwicki,
Site Owner and Administrator


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