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For Dinner I feel like...
From a Restaurant in... is a cost-effective means of advertising your dining establishment, nightclub or restaurant on the world wide web, for all to view. By providing to the web visitor as complete a profile as that which is capable of, you are more likely to gain another customer. A customer that knows what they want, and knows that they can get it from you.

  • Hungry and ready to order, prospective customers can find your offerings 24/7 365 days of the year! Anyone with an internet connection and an appetite can visit our site, and in turn become a guest at your restaurant. From travelers unfamiliar with your City, Event coordinators conducting research, Parents to exhausted from a long day at the office to cook supper...they WILL find you on
  • Advertising elsewhere, though beneficial none-the-less, is typically far more costly, and/or less likely to provide the detail available to the public visiting Some industry averages for example:
    1. Yellow Page advertising is a costly marketing option, though effective for local business. We feel however that is more effective. To provide the data available on your Restaurant Profile would take MANY yellow pages! Do you have your menu available to dining guests interested in satisfying their appetite via the phone book? See, when we are hungry, we are not looking for a restaurant but rather we are looking for what they offer! The quicker the better. Not to mention, I don't believe search filters are yet in place for phonebooks.
    2. Local Newsprint advertising varies dramatically from publication to publication, typically dependant on subscriber volume. It is most likely however that a single spot placement in most any publication will cost more for a one week run than the cost of an entire year of membership on In addition, once printed, there is no going back. not the case at Update and edit your establishments profile and offerings in incredible detail as often as you wish, whenever you wish.
    3. Radio spots at peak hours typically run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars for only 30 seconds of ad runtime. How many do you think catch a local 30 second radio television advertisement? And how many of those actually respond to such an advertisement? Of course we are not saying it is not a viable venue for advertising, but only that if you are willing pay such premiums for such a short term of media attention, doesn't it just make sense to advertise in greater detail for an entire year for likely even less expenditure?
    4. Custom website development can be expensive, dependant on specifications and needs. Typically you can expect to pay anywhere from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands, depending on website design and architecture. HOWEVER, every restaurant should have one, and by linking to information on our website in your restaurants profile, additional data can be added to your own website for no additional cost. In addition, link reciprocation, adding links to your site from others sharing a common theme and vice versa, only adds value in terms of search engine rankings. By having a profile with your website address listed, and linking to available data from your website, you will in turn see more traffic to your own website. More exposure is always beneficial, isn't that what advertising is about??
    5. Website hosting prices vary greatly, and depend greatly on website dependencies and requirements. Typically costs are anywhere from $5 a month for the most basic of packages, to thousands of dollars a month for a dedicated server.
    6. Providing your establishment profile and details are kept up to date, visitors that have happened across your Menu and have found interest in its items are prequalified. They come to you knowing what to expect, and knowing what they want.
    7. The annual membership fee is very affordable. In fact, our annual membership fee is even less than MONTHLY fees on similar sites, in most cases offering much less. The value for the money is unheard of at this time on other advertising venues, and we feel that is unlikely to change for some time. Let's face it; the World Wide Web is one of the most valuable advertising tools and mediums for business and service without exception.

  • At you are be able to...
    1. Manage your Restaurants profile in Real-time, without limitations. makes available to all members a suite of profile management tools allowing member employees to update any and all information associated to their organization. Everything from the highly detailed restaurant profile to the industry's most in-depth Restaurant Menus Administration tool, is available to all members at all times. There is no wait time, no need for communications with, and no need for professional skill sets typical of many other web tools. The tools provided are easy to use, and are meant to help assist our members with keeping all of their information up to date on their own schedule. The attention to detail and control granted to our members is unsurpassed by any other such website at this time.
    2. List your restaurants basic profile details, including Cuisine types offered, hours and days of operation, and your offered services and amenities, and photos of your establishment, and a location map (Google maps).
    3. Upload your restaurant logo which will be displayed on all pages related to your restaurant for branding purposes, and to "leave your mark" in the consumers mind.
    4. Post coupons, both dynamically created using our coupon creator, and uploads of existing scans or digital print. Of course you will be able to modify these at anytime, changing expiry dates and additional information is a breeze.
    5. Post all of your menus to our searchable database. You may have multiple menus(i.e. lunch), each with multiple categories (i.e. Sandwiches), and each category with multiple menu items, including photos! With such additional details as special prices, dietary information and Allergy Awareness ingredients listing, your menu is paramount in value. And of course, all of your menus items are indexed for web user searches. We cannot stress enough how valuable a searchable menu system is. This is the driving force of our "Quick Menu" system and is likely to lead a lot of guests to your restaurant for a long time to come. Please note, we do have menu item creation options available to those restaurants whom feel they do not have the time or resources to devote to creating their online menu system. Ask us, we can assist you, and at a very reasonable cost.
    6. Brag about your chef! Yes, post chef profiles including their credentials, favorite recipes, photos and other information.
    7. Post employment opportunities available within your organization in as detailed a format as found on most any job postings site available on the web today. Should you choose to permit it, candidates will even be able to apply online for the posted position, including their resumes as an attachment.
    8. Post events of all types related to your establishment. Wish to run a promotional event or a fundraiser? Let the web know of it as far in advance as you wish!
    9. You have complete control over all publicly posted reviews of your establishment. Public opinion matters and is a hugely valuable tool not only for public web users looking for their next outing, dating spot or simply tonight's supper, but also to our members. Gather pertinent feedback regarding your services and business from them, and let it guide you to further your business, to improve upon your offerings and services.
    10. Online Reservations. Do you already have an online reservation system in place? Then we will redirect reservations to it! None in place as of yet? Well, you will at if you wish! Web users will be able to easily submit a reservation request online that will be emailed directly any email address you indicate.
    11. This is just the beginning. We at have no desire to stop here. We look forward to being able to provide to our members additional tools to make that much more efficient and effective, to continue to evolve and maintain stride with technological advances. Our commitment at is to our Members first and foremost. To ensure that we provide you with the tools necessary to properly inform the visiting public. To increase public awareness, and to bring them to your door and offer you another chance to do what you do best, to serve those to which you are committed.

We at look forward to working with our members, and that means you. Our focus is on our customers, our members, as well as their customers. By ensuring that the services that we provide to our members address their marketing needs and requests, we ensure that our members customers are content, and we aim to meet or exceed expectations. We strive to surpass expectations, and are always interested in hearing opinions of how we can improve the service for each individual member. If one member feels a need for, or sees value in something, chances are, they are not the only one, and chances are also, the visiting public will find value as well. And we will do our best to deliver. Consistently, thoroughly, and in a timely manner.

Yes, we do know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "Am I really expected to read through this list of benefits and NOT get an analogy?!?" Of course not! We love analogies to! See, A Membership is like hiring a marketing employee that never breaks to eat or sleep, for less than a dollar a day. So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you hired an employee that absolutely refuses to stop working for pennies a day? Well, what if that employee, even with such an offer difficult to refuse, tells you that even for the first three months, you don't have to pay them a dime, just try them out and give them a chance, to see what you think?

Well then...

Register here for your 3 Month free trial period!


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